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Located in Texas, our Priory is part of  The Autonomous Grand Priory of The United States of America, of The Sovereign Military Order of The Temple of Jerusalem (SMOTJ), also known as The Knights Templar. We are the largest Templar Order in the world, and the only Templar Order recognized in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations.

The   SMOTJ  is  a  modern,   world-class  Order  of   Chivalry with  both  Royal  and  Ecclesiastical Patrons,  and we have a membership  of  more than 5,200 Knights and Dames around the globe who are all committed to serving God  and humanity in  the  finest traditions of the original Order.

Our objectives are:

✠ Seeking God in our lives;
✠ Promoting love and respect for our community;
✠ Interfaith understanding;
✠ Helping Pilgrims visit holy places;
✠ Maintaining a Christian presence in the Holy Land;
✠ Supporting the poor, sick, and unjustly accused;
✠ Standing against oppression;
✠ Protecting freedom of speech;
✠ Encouraging the noble ideals of chivalry;
✠ Maintaining the monuments, archives, and history of the Knights Templar.

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