The Priory of St. Matthew holds a Convent and Investiture twice a year, one in the spring and one in the Fall.  During this time, Knights and Dames, in solemnity and ceremony, reflect on their obligations to God and humanity, the history of the Knights Templar and  renew vows of fidelity to the Order of which we belong.  In addition, Postulants receive the accolade and are inducted into the Order upon agreement of standing Dames and Knights.  These are not secret proceedings; The public is always welcome to see what it is we do.

The Priory's Executive Committee decide which cities will host each event.  Hotels and Church venues are secured for this formal affair.  Previous venues have been in  Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Bastrop and Corpus Christi.

The Spring 2018 C&I will be held in Dallas, Texas April 20-21, 2018.  For further information or to submit questions, please use the contact tab above.





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